Leak Remedial Advisory

Component ID

A unique aspect of the way KLINGER Atmeco works is the support offered to site maintenance teams.

KLINGER Atmeco teams take pride in the close and co-operative working relationship they develop with site-based maintenance groups. Maintenance response actions based on prioritised advice from KLINGER Atmeco helps improve facility performance and allows for associated costs saving to be achieved.

Leak Repair Management

KLINGER Atmeco CIMS data outputs are compatible with most standard maintenance management systems. CIMS helps to focus maintenance efforts on ensuring:

  • faulty and high risk components are identified and get fixed
  • more efficient turnarounds possible
  • lower cost of in-situ repairs become viable
  • reduced time/labour in locating components
  • the right components gets worked on

Corporate competency grows:

  • data on repair frequency and costs linked to component and service types
  • knowledge of success/failure rates builds
  • better maintenance and repair budgeting
  • improved repair success rates over time
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