Leak Risk Integrity Surveys

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Continuing Leak Survey

Periodic structured and prioritised leak survey of an operating plant based on hybrid survey methodologies, using three non contact leak sensing methods simultaneously - FID, OGI and Airborne Ultrasonics.

  • Detects failed sealing integrity for components, lines & vessels during normal operations
  • Often a regulatory or corporate management requirement
  • Part of overall continuing site risk management

Pre-shutdown leak survey

Designed to find leaks from any source using OGI and/or FID techniques, pre-shutdown surveys identify and help plan facility integrity and leak remedial work that needs to be done during a shut.

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Startup leak surveys

Using CIMS, Klinger ATMECO co-ordinates on behalf of clients to conduct pressurised inert gas surveys (typically N2 or He).

  • Leaks detect during air and nitrogen purge phase of start up and repaired before proceeding to hydrocarbon introduction phase.
  • Line, vessels and components are leak surveyed at working temperature and pressure at the earliest operational opportunity to check shutdown work integrity and to manage startup risks.
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