RPAS and Drones Inspections

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KLINGER Atmeco deliver RPAS surveys across a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas Production facilities (onshore and offshore), Utility distribution networks (Gas pipelines) and Wastewater treatment facilities.

Drones and crawlers provides client access views to most restricted site locations to facilities close up inspections of asset.

Facility Aerial Surveys

ATMECO safely integrates remotely piloted aerial survey (RPAS) hardware & 3-D Reality modelling software systems to perform flare tip inspections on oil, gas & petrochemical production facilities.

  • Pipe racks
  • Stacks
  • Columns
  • Tanks
  • Pressure related components
  • Long and short range distribution pipelines
KLINGER Australia – a leader in gas and fluid sealing


Confined Space surveys

  • Furnace refractory inspections
  • Reformer refractory inspections
  • Exchanger internal inspections
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