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Gasket Installation Guide

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Characteristics & Main Applications
The style BX ring type joint is manufactured in accordance with API 6A.The style BX ring type joint design exhibits a pressure energised effect which improves the efficiency of the seal as the internal pressure of the system increases. All BX ring type joints incorporate a pressure passage hole to allow for pressure equalisation each side of the sealing faces. On assembly, metal to metal contact of the flange faces is achieved. The style BX is not interchangeable with any other style, and is only suited for API 6BX flanges. Style BX ring type joints are designed to seal pressure up to 20 000 psi in accordance with API 6A pressure ratings.

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Function & Durability
The performance and service life of KLINGER gaskets depend in large measure on proper storage and fitting, factors beyond the manufacture's control. We can, however, vouch for the excellent quality of our products. With this in mind, please also observe our installation instructions.